Infinite Diversity… or not?


So I’m a Star Trek Nerd. I found it later and honestly have not seen every episode of every show.  The teen and I are slowly making our way through DS9 & Enterprise right now.  I do often re-watch TNG as mindless eye candy while I’m working on something on the laptop.  (I’m a DATA girl, btw). Trek appeals to me for many reasons, with a top one being Roddenberry’s idea of “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations”. But as a middle aged fat person with a child I’m trying to help learn to love diversity in all its forms, I find myself getting more and more disappointed that IDIC does not in fact include ALL diversity.  A BIG one is missing… and I say big because that is what is missing… there is no size diversity.

michelle carterI know some argue that StarFleet is a military operation and that why… except there are no larger humanoids (female at least) in the civilian employees, on the planets they visit, or even in the Holodecks.  And it’s not just about not have fat people… the shapes of the thin women are mostly the same.  As we’ve seen this week with the Olympics, strong women come in ALL sizes.  Why then can Starfleet not have a woman shaped like Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, or Roddenberry forbid a security officer as powerful as Michelle Carter (who could probably take a phaser shot and still kick your ass)?

I know Hollywood and their no-one over size 2 rule plays a big part. But if DIVERSITY is a key element to the entire world conceived by Roddenberry then why does it NOT include true diversity?  I’m not holding out hope that the new show will have diverse female bodies, but a fat middle-aged nerd can dream!