Being Brave- A Picture

I’m once again torn between trying to loose weight and being #BodyPositive… so today I’m embracing the body positive side.. as well as the zero fucks portion of me.

Today I put this our there into internet land-



I’m embracing the #fat #nerd side of myself for teen D&D at the shop today.  With an eff you to the folks that think a 44 year old successful business owner can’t wear a D&D t-shirt, Borg leggings and have blue hair.

I will NEVER embrace the normal 40-something mom around here (blonde, athletic, cheerleader preppy, etc) and I’m finally starting to give the amount of fudges about it I should- ZERO (well, on my good days at least!)

So here’s to all the weirdos out there that are fat, nerdy, smart, busy, parents, fun-loving, game playing, and THEMSELVES!