Goofball Goddess- Miranda

I’m a binge watcher. I binge on things that make me laugh, things that aren’t in the national spotlight, things that many might find goofy for a mid-40’s business owner to watch.  That’s how I found MIRANDA. I was done with an embarrassingly dorky binge and was still needing some goofiness.  But this show MIRANDA (BBC/ITV 2009-2015, now on Hulu) turned out to be so much more.


Yes, it was hilarious.  At one point I was laughing, in that not able to breathe way, and my son actually left his computer in the other room to make sure I was okay.  I did have several “run the bathroom moments” while watching. And yesterday realized I really shouldn’t eat lunch while watching for fear of snorting drink out my nose or choking. The character Miranda in some ways is me.

Miranda owns her own retail shop, is not normal sized (her over 6feet, me just barely reaching 5ft), she’s not thin, she farts when getting up/sitting down/running/yoga, she’d rather prance or gallop, she sings and dances to her self, she makes fruit friends, she’s a klutz,  she’s horrid in social situations, she laughs like a child at words like “sausage”, and she’s loved.  (I’m going to try and keep this spoiler free, but can’t entirely).  The last 3 or 4 episodes of the series have really stuck with me.  Miranda is dating and finds that she tries really hard to appear “normal”, only to be told he likes her FOR her goofiness. Later, Miranda finally finds love (?), but then it gets ruined when she can’t trust that he truly loves her because she is so not normal.  They break-up and Miranda tries to find herself.  She discovers that she IS goofy and childlike, and that is who she is; but she’s incomplete without said guy… who it turns out is incomplete without her goofiness….and they go galloping (not on horses,mind you) off into the sunset.

It got me thinking about my own goofiness, lack of normality, and reluctance to think that someone/anyone would want to be around me. Even after 17 years of marriage (hi honey!) I do sometimes doubt that my goofiness/dorkiness isn’t too much for my husband. I fear any and all social situations because I fear my goofiness will show too much.  Most of what people see of me in public is acting (sometimes Oscar worthy considering the goofiness or mouthiness going on inside!). I appear shy and snotty because I live in terror I’ll let out the completely wrong words.  Maybe,  just maybe,  by watching Miranda (on top of a few other things that have come into my life recently, more on that later- Critical Role), I can finally embrace some of the goofiness that makes me tick and let it show to more people…. MAYBE.

Thank you, Miranda Hart, for bringing a big goof to the little screen for this big dork to be inspired by.