Game Review: Monarch


Finally a game where I don’t have to be a male knight, spy, detective, etc … in fact in this game EVERYONE is a princess… and not a frilly pink one!

The family and I played MONARCH for the first time this weekend and I loved it. It’s a 2-4 person card buying strategy game. It has few pieces, short easy directions, and won’t take too long to learn and play.


Essentially all the players are princesses vying to be queen of the land.  The board is laid out by drawing 9 tiles that represent either a farm or a town. The goal is to use those resource to get food or gold and then “buy” things to make the grandest court.  Those items can be decorations, entertainments, foods, exotic beasts. Each item has a point value, and those point values can double or triple if you buy things in certain combinations… they can also zero out if the wrong thing is added to your court.  Beware, your fellow monarch can send nuisance relatives to visit and that deduct from your court’s value.  You can also upgrade a town or farm to produce more gold and food.  There are a few other mechanics in the game that can help or hinder you along the way that you have little control over, making it a little tougher than you think to get the perfect court.

The artwork in this game is stunning,  but that is also my one complaint. The cards are painted in dark color, with small black print on them.  We found that anytime a new card was added, we all had to pick it up to read what it does. But if that is the only thing that makes this game an issue, then it’s not really that bad… just look closely at the cards and enjoying building your court!

I give MONARCH a very solid A and will be demoing it at this weekend’s store game day for sure!