1.5 Bucket Items Checked Off

On Saturday the teen and I trained it up to the Big Apple for  New York Comic Con.  Teen and I had started going to Cons together last February (2015) when we took him to Zenkaikon.  We aren’t really into Manga or Anime, but Matt Mercer was going to be there.  Anyway, after that one of the BIG 3 was on our “bucket list” and we made it to NYCC.  Here our photo diary of the day.

On the train, badges in hand!


We made it, 3  hours and one long wait for a bus later


I don’t know why everyone thinks Waldo is hard to find…. he was just standing by himself in the middle of the concourse at NYCC


So then we make a B-line to the one panel we didn’t want to miss.  We managed to make it in by the skin of our teeth (only 5 people behinds us and they shut the doors).  Teen is a HUGE Neil DeGrasse Tyson fan and wants to be an astrobiologist… so he wanted to go to the panel that we read to be about his show- StarTalk.  We manage front row seats and a as we were sitting one of the show’s hosts  (comedian Chuck Nice) made the announcement that in fact his panel was going to be a RECORDING OF THE SHOW (minus Neil)!  That’s our 1/2 a bucket list item… someday kid will get to see NDT for real, but for now just being in the audience of a filming of it was good enough.


Then we hit the show floor to do some shopping (and shopping for the store… I was there on a Pro-Badge paid for by the shop so I did have to do SOMETHING relating to work!)

Aaron made his super power for the LEGO wall.

And then we found the I Am Elemental booth to get our superhero pictures taken.


Eventually we met up with some awesome Critters (fellow fans of Critical Role).  These lovely ladies are cosplaying Grog the barbarian, Thordak the evil ancient red dragon, Percy the human gunslinger, and archer Vex with her bear companion (Trinket).


We wandered the floor again on the hunt for the dice booth (which we never did find).

It was a fun day. Long (train pulled into the station at 11pm). My feet are still sore.  But is was SO worth it.  I’ve been to one of the BIG cons and lived to report back.  We’ve got a few month hiatus, then  we’ve got a Con a month for several months.  Most family’s save up for beach vacations, or take their kids to Disney… for us short weekends in a fantasy world where geek roam free of judgement are our vacations!

Speaking of that, it was just pure joy for me to spend those 8 hours at NYCC and not once think about how I don’t fit in, how my body is considered disgusting by the media, and how ostracized I usually feel being a 44 year old woman with blue hair.  THAT is the beauty of these cons-  all ages, sexes, races, body shapes & sizes, all interests are not only represented, but welcomed, celebrated, and embraced.