My work and personal life got crazy there for a bit so I didn’t make time to write… today my world (and that or lots  of people) imploded and I’m just going to vomit out thoughts as fast as I can type.

First to my fellow Americans, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that half of you live with so much hate and fear that facts were something to be scared of not discussed.  I’m sorry to those that are a minority of some sort.

To put it simply too many of us wore blinders for the last 12 months. We didn’t see the hate, the ignorance, the complete disregard for all the warnings from the alt-right.  Our blinders prevented us from seeing not only what was coming at us from the sides but also from in front of us in our social media news feeds.  Those posts of hate, fear, ignorance… those were real. Those were powerful and all-consuming enough to enough people that we lost.  We lost more than some elections we lost our collective soul last night.

The world (most of it for some reason) looks.. make that LOOKED to America as a leader.  We failed not only ourselves, but humans around the world last night.

While so many of us are in shock, are trying to decipher our future, we need to also look to last night as a sign.  A sign that we got too complacent. We got too cocky. We underestimated hate, fear, and ignorance.  We all sat there thinking that rational thought would win out in the end… and boy were we wrong.

Many of us wake up this morning with a very uncertain future.  Those with darker skin literally fear for their lives.  Those of us with female reproductive organs (or born with them and then had them removed like me), fear that our abilities to control our own bodies is gone.  Those that don’t feel comfortable in their assigned gender now can’t be themselves for fear of violence (physical and emotional). Those that love all genders, or their own fear any rights they FINALLY got in the last 8 years will quickly be removed… and they too fear violence.  Good honest hard-working people, people like me who own a small business fear losing their livelihood. Those that aren’t making 6 figures a year (or more) fear losing their home, their ability to pay their bills, there jobs.  There is A LOT of fear to go with the hate that won last night.

6429e7b00ba69059b467fc82aa25d6e3Last night became a wake up call for me on a personal level.  It highlighted how I had lost my own spark.  As a teen I was passionate about human relations, world peace, and religious freedom.  Then I became an “adult” with bosses, mortgages, responsibilities, and now a “public” figure in a very white (and red) town.  I didn’t speak out. I didn’t show strangers my passion and compassion.  Well that’s changing.  I may just lose my business over this… and that is scary on so many levels.  But sitting down and letting hate, fear, and ignorance run rampant around me just can’t continue.  

I CAN.NOT.STAY.QUIET.ANY.MORE.  What exactly that means, I don’t know right now.  I just know that I carry a little bit of guilt with me right now for NOT speaking out and up enough for the last 12 months and beyond.  It may mean running for local office. I may mean dropping some of my hobbies to volunteer with local Dems. It may mean shutting down my business and moving closer to a city where I can work in a non-profit.  What I can say is that I can’t stand by and watch anymore.  I need to DO SOMETHING… and I’m hoping you will join me.  Last night is not an end, it’s a beginning.  A chance for us to come together, not apart. A chance for us to look inward and outward.  A chance for us to embrace our differences and then put them aside to keep this country and it’s people SAFE.


JOIN ME…. become the beacon of hope that your neighbors, your friends, your parents, your children need.