I Built it… Will they Come??

I’m in a mid-life crisis… duh!  One where I’m re-assessing my interests and value.  And it’s confession time – I’M A BOOKSTORE OWNER WHO HASN’T READ A BOOK IN OVER A YEAR… I read my monthly books for book club but that is it.  I tried to read, I really did… but nothing has grabbed me enough in a long time to set aside my to do list, my other interests, or to keep me up at night. When I did read before it wasn’t what a majority of bookstore owners were reading. We’d go to conferences and I’d feel woefully out-of-place.  I prefer cozy mysteries and books written for 12-year-old girls.  Nothing violent, nothing with flowery language, and nothing with depressing subject matter.  So I’d just smile and pretend I’d read some of the typed of things my fellow bookstore owners were raving about.  Same thing for customers. I had a few “go to” books to handsell, but those were/are getting old.  Sure I can fake it, but it was eating me up inside…. but hey I was/am actually putting some of that theatre training to good work! I felt judged amongst book readers (well, I still do!)

So my mid-life crisis has been accepting the nerd/geek inside me. Preferring watching img_20161115_133943game reviews over reading book reviews.  Playing games over reading books.  Hanging out killing pretend monsters over reading about them.  Now I don’t feel judged… haven’t played a certain game… no problem! Prefer one type of Sci-Fi over a nother… no problem!  Still catching up on Doctor Who…. no problem! Prefer shorter strategy games over the 3 hour ones…. no problem! I know the gaming community has a stigma, especially about how rabid they can be and unaccepting of newbies, especially women… but I’m not finding that to be the case (yet!).

img_20161115_134523So while men with issues with getting older may go out and buy a flashy sports car or a new younger wife (sorry, hon, you’re stuck with nerdy me!).  I went out and “bought” myself a game shop.  Okay, so it’s the back corner of my bookstore… but it’s mine. My little baby that I’m going to try my best to nurture into a spot that gamers and geeks will WANT to come to… without going more broke than I al ready am. I want a niche in the gaming community… one that is welcoming and accepting of anyone that wants to sit at a table, pullout some cards or roll some dice.  One that doesn’t judge if you haven’t played the latest bestselling game. One that makes me and other feel like our authentic selves…

So I’ve built it… now I’m hoping they come!dicepen-logo

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