End of Year Game Bonanza

Just this week a SLEW (technical term for “oh my gosh those are huge boxes of games”) of new hot games arrived into warehouses and shops… our to be included.  While I don’t have time to play any of these right now, all of these are on top of my “play these first in 2017” pile.  They would make a great addition to any gaming family’s holiday haul (and since they just arrived int he states, chances the gamer on your list already has one is slim!)

We’ll start with three new options for wildly popular game series that will make any gamer’s smile brighten when they unwrap them over the holidays

pic3146954_mdCarcassonne Amazonas uses the same game play as the original, Amazonas adds a boat race mechanism as well. Rather than roads, you are creating a river and visiting villages along the way.  The boat furthest down the river collects extra points at the end.

pg-card-gamePower Grid: The Card Game– This takes the premise of the larger longer and more intricate Power Grid and turns it into a 60 minutes or less card collecting and management style game, with the production of the most energy still as the ultimate game winning goal.

16911a98e9d2558a3526e6a56eb836fbPandemic: Iberia– the first in the Pandemic series to focus on not only a specific region, but historical disease control as well.  Here you are building railroads, bringing in fresh water and combating yellow fever (and a few other diseases of the time). The roles you can play include nurse, railwayman, rural doctor, and sailor.

Following my love of Lanterns, I’m really looking forward to these two new Asian games.

kodamaKodama: The Tree Spirits is based on a Japanese lore. In this game you are building a tree from cards you draw, adorning the tree with special items and hoping to please the Tree Spirits.  You begin with a trunk (each trunk is unique) and each turn add a branch or tree element.  It’s beautiful and simple, which is what I loved about Lanterns.

pic3018362_mdKanagawa- In this game you are an art student in 1840’s Japan, learning from a master.  You ultimate goal is to create a masterpiece (and looking at these cards, all paintings could be a masterpiece!). You’re drawing cards that you will either add to your painting, or use their color elements to meet certain criteria for other painting elements. I can not wait to test this one out… I’d say it’s my #1 game for our next family game night.