10 Things To Make 2017 Laugh at How Ridiculous 2016 Was.

So we can all agree, no matter what side of the proverbial aisle we stomp down, 2016 was a pile of …. well,  you know!  No need to make resolutions when these 10 simple things can make not only your 2017 better, but everyone’s a little brighter.  And let’s face it we all want 2017 to look back at 2016 and laugh at it, like we laugh at those old pictures of ourselves from high school (seriously, what were we thinking with that hair??)

  1. Just smile.  While walking down a street, in the mall, around school; look up and smile at a random person.  They may freak out a little at first but by the end of the day, they probably passed that smile on.
  2. Getting change from a purchase? leave it with the clerk for the next customer.. even someone leaving a dollar behind is a welcome unexpected gift.
  3. Tip someone that doesn’t normally get tipped.  We all know to tip wait staff well (we do RIGHT??!!!??). How about that shoe salesperson that spent 20 minutes fetching sizes for you and your kids?  How about that florist that spent 10 minutes helping you make the perfect bouquet?  What about the clothing sales clerk that helped you track down the scarf that would match that sweater?  Those kind folks aren’t making much more than a waiter, and yet they rarely (if ever) get thanked for their work let alone a tip. Which leads me to….
  4. Say thank you.  That’s it.  Someone doing their job no matter how menial needs to be thanked.  The bank teller that cashes your check.  The convenience store clerk that rings up your soda. The maid that cleans your hotel room. You’d be surprised in the service industry how few people thank you.  Thank yous go a long way to making someone’s day that much better.
  5. Hug your kid. You may not have grown up in a touchy-feely house, but why should your kid not know human contact love. And yes, teens need hugs too.
  6. Crack a joke. Having a sense of humor makes you not only happy but healthy.  Going into a boring staff meeting… walk in wearing a clown nose (okay maybe not THAT drastic if you boss had a stick up his…).  Steal from late night if you have to (just steer clear of politics if you are in “mixed” company). Making someone laugh helps not only them, but you as well.
  7.  Crank up that car stereo and sing. This is especially fun if you have a teenager in the car.  Chances are someone will see you at a stop light, but who cares… because you just made a complete stranger laugh and feel better.  It’s worth the 10 seconds of embarrassment
  8. Pet a doggie or kitty (checking with owner first).  Not only will you calm yourself but you just make a new furry friend.. and who couldn’t want more cute fur friends??
  9.  Mail a letter or card to someone.  You don’t need to write much, just “hello, hope you’re kicking a$$ in 2017. Cheers”.  End of year holidays don’t need to be the only time our mailboxes have something other than bills and trashed mail advertisements.
  10. Back to #1 SMILE. More can be accomplished if we just smiled at each other. When was the last time you looked your significant other or close friend in the eye and just SMILED?  Yeah they may think you’re up to something… and you are… you are taking 2017 by the horns and putting some good mojo out there!