Mental State

Hello Old Friend. It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.  A lot has happened. Let’s be honest, I was in no state to talk.  Like much of the rational thought citizens of our fair nation (and world) I’ve been at a loss of words.  We’ve all been in a mental state.

Some have been in denial.  Some have been in depressions. Some have been in a state of hyper activity, where they have to join every cause and protest.  Me I’ve been in varying states of disbelief (sometimes convinced we’ll all wake up having lived the last few months in an alternate reality), depression (unsure happiness will ever return), but mostly lethargy.  I just haven’t had the get up and go, the desire to do much more than sit in my big comfy chair and surf the webs.  No reading, no coloring, no crossword puzzles, and no blogging… the things I USUALLY do in the big red chair.

Add to the nation’s malaise our family’s personal tribulations of January and February. 16195926_10212256569876434_2295119726040483152_n Right around the fateful Jan. 20th, our pups got into something toxic to dogs.  For about 2 weeks of hospitalization and then home care with us giving the IV fluids daily we were unsure of they would be alive.  The good news is they’ve recovered. One seems to have no signs of permanent damage, the other does have some but will live a normal life for the time being.  The store also has had some issues- mainly that folks in their various mental states just aren’t getting out to our town and those that do are not opening their wallets. We plan for “bad” winter months, but this year has been worse than projected.  So that has added to a lot of anxiety and depression.

While I can’t say that our sales are going to increase anytime soon, I CAN take the bull by the horns and get me out of my current mental state by just DOING things I used to do that kept me busy…. like blogging.  So next week nerdiness will return!  I’m traveling to a games trade show so there will be posting(s) about that… and since that trade show is in VEGAS there will be old nerd girls on the strip posting(s) as well in the coming weeks.

self-care-imageI hope that whatever your mental state has been since November (and like me I’m sure it’s not been just one state) you too are trying to return to some sense of normalcy.  NO I’m not saying what is going on in our country is normal.. it’s not… and we do still need to resist however we can, BUT we also need to take care of ourselves and not lose US to them/it.