Who’s That?? Where did she come from??

Well, Hello.  Are you still here?  I know I haven’t been.  I think like much of the rational thinking adults in America, I’ve been in a malaise since January.  How did we let this happen and what can we do now that it’s happening?  But this isn’t about that… this is about where I’ve been what I’ve been up to and why I’m back at this blog.

In the past few weeks some creative juices have been flowing in me… and it’s not because I’m on antibiotics right now 🙂  Just this weekend I’ve been asked to do my first ever paid writing gig for an online site (more later this summer when/if the piece appears), and last week I submitted my first ever short story to an anthology. It’s going to be self-pubbed later this year.  But it got my creative thoughts moving again.

And honestly, it all started with my Monday night D&D game. It’s a group that’s been meeting for 18 months now, and we’ve gotten into some heavy role-playing. Of course it being D&D, it’s not all puppies and rainbows.  There have been lots of laughs, almost as many tears, and a creative camaraderie that only comes once in a lifetime (maybe??). We’re difering ages (20-50) and live on 2 continents, but the bond is there… and it sparked me to write.  I haven’t felt or done anything like this in 30ish years. It’s what I miss about theatre.

So there’s that.  Then there’s the game store. Which while not yet producing an actual usable income, it’s grown quite a bit.  I went to the national tradeshow in Vegas in March and made wonderful connections.  I’m online every day with fellow female shop owners commiserating and problem solving. (I’m trying to convince Todd our regional bookstores need these online outlets too!)  We’ve hosted game nights (and more coming that are getting a lot of buzz),  school gaming groups, and now are starting to work with a  gaming therapy non-profit.  The game shop really has taken over a lot of my work time, leaving the book side of things in the hands of Todd and employees.  It’s actually been kind of freeing in a way.  Although, it’s hard for regulars when they ask what I’ve been reading and I have to say “not much”.  I still feel guilt over being a bookstore owner that doesn’t read more than a book a month.

Other than that we’ve been muddling through.  We had some doggie drama, with the two boys getting into life-threatening poison.  But we had excellent vet care and nursed them back to health (I’m good at doggie fluid and shot giving  now).  The winter months are always really hard at the shop.  This year has been by far our worst since moving to the new location. Retail in general is feeling the effects of this election, and small businesses worst of all.  No one wants to spend money… but since people buying books & games is our only income, when people don’t shop we have to make ends meet with what we can.  It’s just going to be a sparse year for us.  No big vacation (not that we have done that much anyway) and no family room rennovations like we hoped.  We have each other, and a roof over our heads…. the important things.

So I’m back now.  My winter duldrums are now spring poopiness, but I’m feeling more me and have more “get up and go” to share with you all (aren’t YOU lucky??!!??).