The Week That Made Me Sing- The Playlist

So the last 7 days has had such a lasting effect on me (and really we’re not done yet, just maybe out of the thick of it) . One that is going to be hard to put into words, and I will spend several posts doing so.   Today though, I’m putting it in song(s).

My long running D&D group (some of us started July 2015) had a 24/7 online text role-play session last week. Needless to say there was LOTS of drama… and by that I mean dramatic scenes and moments.   Many of them involving my character Nim- for 2 reasons- they are on a trek to save her mother & her long time best friend is possibly becoming her lover.

So I put together a 41 song playlist about/for her.  Here are some of the highlights

SICK PUPPIES- You’re Going Down. For the demon that we think currently possesses her mother and dragged us to another continent to fight.


ANI DiFRANCO I Am Not A Pretty Girl, Nim’s theme song. She grew up in a society that doesn’t think girls should be soldiers.  She left to become a paladin.


STEALERS WHEEL- Stuck In The Middle With You, for her group (called the Bromwich Bunch).  A rag tag group thrown together to save the lands from deteriorating.  Now they are family.


INGRID MICHAELSON- Be Okay, there was about a month where my character was going through the motions, and some things she completely can’t remember. At one point she lots it and killed an innocent man.  This is her recovery song.


WEEZER, My Best Friend  and DUSTY SPRINGFIELD, I Only Want To Be With You, for Kal, her best friend and maybe her boyfriend.


Yes, all this for an imaginary character, in an online game played with strangers (well, they aren’t now, but they were when we started… now they are more, much more…)  Like I said this week has had a profound impact on me, and this is only the beginning.  I sincerely hope everyone out there can find something this amazing in their life. (minus the not eating a full meal in 4 days… that part I’d gladly change… but the feels and passion have made my stomach do lots of flip-flops!).