The Woman That Stole My Heart

I have never created anything from scratch.  The one play I wrote was a modern adaptation of medieval classic.  But then I started playing D&D again about 2 years ago.  And SHE came into my life.

Last July I joined a newly forming #Critters online game.  It would be a home-brew campaign, so I could create just about any type of character and backstory and the DM would create some of the world around it.  I knew I wanted her to be a badass in training, and not with a too tragic backstory. That was it.

Flash forward to early 2017.  The 4 sentences of backstory I wrote in 2015 were coming to life.  My character had to return home… and it ALL CLICKED.  This imaginary paladin that I pretend to be for 4 hours every Monday was real. She was part of me. Her feelings were mine. And now I was/am facing the prospect of losing her forever as the group was/is getting ready for a fairly large and complicated fight (which we will be doing in 2 weeks).

When we play, we use Skype to talk, and then occasionally between games we’ll chat… mostly about game stuffs.  But after a session 2 weeks ago, a session in which there was some tension, some returning characters, and a 10 day travel time, one player suggested we “role play” the travel days on the group chat. The same player casually mentioned that his character was in love with mine and had been for quite some time. WHHAAT??

Beginning on a Tuesday morning we started having the conversations our characters would be having on the travel.  And there is no way to describe it other than FUCKING AMAZING.  I wish I could post some snippets here, but I don’t want to ruin their privacy… because they love their characters as much as I love mine.  The 10 days (we did more after this week’s session) of the chatting have literally changed my life (and my character’s… because guess what, she had feelings for this other character as well… I didn’t know that until she told me on Tuesday!)

Because of these two off handed comments from a fellow player, thousands of miles away, I am creating!  I’m creating a life for this imaginary character. She speaks to me, to my soul now.  I started writing out scenes that may or may not happen in this chat… those scenes became short stories.  Those short stories have sparked something else in my mind. I’d say between the chat conversations and the stories I’ve written about 10K creative words for this woman in the last 3 weeks.

For 5 days I couldn’t eat or sleep, so many heightened emotions thanks to imagniary conversations and situations.  Which in a strange way has given me some grip over some health issues I’ve been struggling with the last 4 years.  So while she may live in my head, and the online chats are not “real”, the effects are and hopefully long-lasting.

7 strangers (well, 1 I’ve met in person briefly in March) became family.  I would trust these people with my life.  10 days of chatting in and out of imaginary characters has done this.  We’re hoping to meet in person sometime soon.  D&D has done this to me. Folks, THAT’s Dungeons & Dragons!

So meet Nim, a level 8 paladin, level 2 fighter.  She is my heart and my soul at the moment and I can’t imagine another day without her in my life.

Sams paladin(art courtesy of Mel Eisvogel. More about Mel here & here)