Word of the Year

My friend and awesome children’s author, Courtney, posted recently asking her friends what their word of the year for 2018 would be.  I had to think hard about it for awhile.  2017 was a year of some pretty big changes for me… all internal. None that the average Joe of Jane that knows me would necessarily notice if I didn’t tell them.. and there are some I won’t tell people about.  Some I’ve posted here,  most recently about my creativity spike in 2017.  So I thought about what word would best describe what I wanted out of the next year, considering how much I went through in 2017.  A lot of words came to mind, but they all seemed centered on something that happened IN 2017 and then it hit me. I want what started in 2017 to not end. I want what started in 2017 to not die in 2018 I want those things to…


In 2018 I want to CONTINUE

  • being creative, be that writing or crafting it doesn’t matter
  • learning to love me as me and stop thinking the only I matter is if I loose weight
  • finding ways to keep my  business energized and a part of the community
  • doing things that make me HAPPY, like playing D&D
  • spending time with people that make me happy
  • taking better care of myself, even if that means upsetting people
  • laughing & loving
  • being awesome


So not really “new years resolutions”, just how I foresee myself embracing a word I’ve chosen to represent me in 2018.

For more about “Word of the Year”, here is a blog from 2013 from food and lifestyle blogger Elizabeth Rider- http://www.elizabethrider.com/word-of-the-year/

What word or words could be your theme for next year?