2017- the good times

Yesterday (ahem, last year!) I shared a general overview of my 2017 and my mental health issues.  Today the smiley happy retrospective. Here are things that put a genuine smile on my face, even in the darker times.


17353292_10212746155915779_2503299499725401879_nVegas Baby!-I went to a gamer retailer conference in Sin City… with my best friend! What was great was meeting other game shop owning women, feeling part of an industry that doesn’t judge me based on my age and hair color combination. Big added bonus was meeting an online friend in person for the 1st time.

19959321_10214030292058380_2876647923477497282_n (1)Getting first tattoo –  Those that have known me for years know that a tattoo has been on my bucket list since I was in my 20’s.  It’s been a thing I’ve wanted but was too chicken to do. A new tattoo parlor opened near us a few years ago and is run by a really nice couple, so I knew when I did get one it would be there… but i never knew what I wanted so I never went.. and then BAM! one night in my sleep in the midst of my manic summer I dreamed my tattoo.  I knew, just knew I had to get it… so I did.  It’s my paladin’s sword, with her last name in Elvish- Ohtar, which means warrior.

19748459_10213998040612114_8355249633511586723_nConning with my family –  Aaron and brought Todd to Shore-Leave for 1st time. It was great to have him be a part of my favorite vacation “spot”.  Sitting in the audience with him and Aaron hearing 2 of our favorite TNG actors tell tales was awesome.


23754767_10215210762209396_8730979132400019313_nMeeting cast of Critical Role – added bonus was spending the day with my “adopted” Critter sister and her husband… new friends we love!


^41240D0EB67640DBF309A1BE1115785933F0FEDA223D0FE106^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrBest relaxing week of years 3 friends from around country and Europe spending a week with me… doing nothing but chatting, gaming, and laughing… oh the laughs!


Playing D&D- always a thrill for me. Some intense moments that grew me and my character. I wouldn’t change a thing about my 2017 games… not one second. Now have added a new weekly game, that will a new crew to enjoy rolling dice and telling stories with.


18581770_10213485334794789_1929468124451363328_nSeeing Wonder Woman 4 times in the theatre- I’m not a movie goer; but this one I could not miss. 7-year-old me with the WW UnderRoos, the stack of Justice League cartoons next to her, watching the JL cartoon every Saturday morning sat and cried and still cries thinking about FINALLY after 30 years seeing her hero on the screen. Sorry boys, you won’t ever know this feeling, as your heroes have always been on the big screen. Added bonus was seeing all the young girls coming into the shop buying their first WW book or comic. Women geeks are here to stay!

17861900_10213096186306320_6222679951768419838_nSpending a weekend with Aaron and his classmates as they presented their project for an international competition. We were so proud of them.. and then when they got to present on live internet as a top 5 team, ultimately taking 4th place in the world it made out hearts SWELL. They were even recognized in the PA State legislature.

18835845_10213615339604828_6924206859420929179_nHaving things I’ve written be published – Not just the book I vanity printed.  I had one short story in an anthology and then 3 articles on a feminist sci-fi site.

Aaron in high school – I don’t feel old enough to have a kid in high school (thank you new friends in their 20’s making this middle-aged woman not so aged). Seeing him in Marching Band and really becoming his own person made the Fall rock.

Generally Geeky Family Times- I love hanging out with my two “boys”. Be it watching Marvel movies, going to cons, playing D&D, or a special thing we got to share this year- a new Star Trek TV show. To celebrate them I had this art piece commissioned of three of our D&D characters.