Sometimes I Actually Impress Myself

I laughingly say I’m writing or a writer. I have no training. Zip, Zero, Nada.  I didn’t take any lit or writing classes in college. I barely took any in high school (hello, old friend Cliff’s Notes). I did write a play once for my grad thesis, under very careful guidance from a great playwright herself. That’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to claiming “writer”.


BUT, yesterday I made myself write creatively again. I’ve been plotting, outlining, world-building this next book for the past month or so, but have not been inspired to do any of the actual writing. Last week, I told myself that on my days “off” from the shop I would get dressed, leave the house, and go write for at least an hour at some local eatery. Others are welcome to join me for this non-social social writing gathering. Yesterday I cranked out 5 handwritten pages while munching and then wrote another 500 words on the laptop waiting for my D&D game to start.  Amidst that flurry of words being extracted from my head, there was one paragraph that when I was done I sat back and said, “Hey that’s not half bad. Like it could actually appear in a real book.”

So, as promised when I took up this blog again, I share some of my creative writing… the paragraph (still in rough draft form) that made me think I might someday be comfortable with a moniker that starts W.R.I-

New colors, sights and smells now filled W’s senses as they exited the provided carriage. The square was filled with carts of kitchen wares and other household items, bright tents holding who knows what under their flaps, pits of roasting meats, crates of bright fresh vegetables, and from the far corner came the sounds of a band, barely heard over the cacophony of the merchants and farmers hawking their goods. W was fascinated. He had never seen anything like this, and even having read about the market in his school books, could never have imagined the beautiful organized chaos that presented itself before him.

So while still not brilliant, it was enough to make me smile as I wrote it. I know I have a lllooooonnnnggg way to go and who knows if this project will ever see the light of day. Those that read the first book know I’ve got my work cut out of me!

Speaking of books— The second anthology of D&D themed stories is coming out. The books reached the publisher yesterday and are shipping out to pre-orders next week.  Very excited to see another character’s short story in print. Unlike last time though, this one will not beget a whole book, she doesn’t occupy huge chunks of my brain, or get a tattoo like Nim did/does. 🙂

between books tweet

So anyway, a little rambling about where I am in the “writing” world, and where I’m heading… one afternoon a week I pretend I’m in some cafe in some exotic locale, part of some great literary salon, writing my masterpiece…. or I’m a self employed schlub in a poduck town make words spill from an adled brain onto a page or keyboard!  But by gum, I’m keeping to my word and am going to continue being creative this year!



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  1. Just the blog title made me laugh! And your short piece has a few really nice visual points. You are a writer – and don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise; you may not be a famous writer yet, and it may not be your day job yet, but you write to express yourself creatively and you are honing your skills – therefore you are a writer. 🙂


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