When you are done Coding Names…

or Naming Codes (playing CodeNames) try these great family and group games.



Decrypto by Iello was just released a few days ago, and until mid-April it can ONLY be found in Friendly Local Game Shops (thanks Iello supporting the little guys and gals).  It’s similar to CodeNames in that you are working in teams to try and get a word or words selected.  In this case you have a 4 digit code you are trying to get your team mates to guess, each number in the code is attached to a word. The kicker is the “enemy” team is also getting the clues… only they can’t see the words!  The same words but different digit codes are used through several rounds, only you can never give the same one-word clue twice. The game is won or lost by your team not getting your code or the other team intercepting it.  The game is best played with 6 players (two teams of three).

When I Dream is a combination of Dixit and HeadsUp!  The “dreamer” is blindfolded and the rest of the players give a word clue as to cards on a bed (the components and set up of the game are fantastic!), thus constructing a dream.  When time is up the dreamer tries to reconstruct the dream based on the clues they think they got correctly while dreaming.  The twist is that some players are trying to give not-quite correct clues to score additional points for missed dream element. (I’m clumsily describing play here… trust me it’s fun!).  Each player gets a chance to be the “dreamer”, and in each round everyone scores points. This is one that can easily be played with younger children as there is no reading involved, only illustrated cards. (side note this is the same company that brought us Concept another favorite group game of ours… the boxes and components are very similar)


Lastly, this one gets additional bonus kudos for not only the theme, SQUIRRELS, but also the utter brilliance of the instruction booklet (no really, even if you don’t every buy or play the game read the booklet for a good laugh). That Is A Question! is a fun take on “would you rather”.   You are a squirrel trying to get up a mountain, and to do so you have to ask your fellow squirrel questions, giving them two options. The other squirrels, I mean players, vote on what they think will be the selected answer.  You score if you are correct, the question giver scores for any incorrect answer.  Easy enough.  What makes this game a step up is the components.  Players, I mean squirrels, have 5 cards in their hand. The cards are hexagons, with three answer choices, one matching the theme of 3 question starters on the board.  So while there are only a small handful of cards to play with, the options are nearly endless.  And of course, there are acorns… you can’t have a squirrel game without acorns! These indicate squirrel players that can answer a question that round.  The game is best played with 4-6 players. There are 3 player rules variations. This one can be played in multi-age groups easily, but lets face it… playing with only adults after a bottle or two of wine could be just the ticket for a fun weekend!