Con Season Readings

Con season is gearing up for the warmer months and I personally can’t wait to get to ShoreLeave 40 in July!  Some really fun books set at Cons have come out in the last year or so and I highly recommend them for fellow YA nerd readers (and listen, you don’t have to be a teen or “young adult” to read them… I’m definitely not young and often balk at being an adult!)

61iLLdOq75LGeekerella by Ashley Poston This was the first of this YA nerdly subgenre I read, and I loved it. I loved the dual telling of the two stories. I loved the zero-fucks-given of her “fairy godmother” pumpkin food truck partner in crime. It was utterly charming.  Basic premise is as advertised in the title, a geeky retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale. In this case Elle needs to get into the cosplay ball of her favorite show, one she watched as a child with her father. Also at the ball is the lead of the new movie version of the famed Sci-Fi show… and well, you know where this is going.  There are some fun twists, but it’s a YA romance, so there is predictability… but even the predictable parts are full of nerdy fun. 

35238071Don’t Cosplay My Heart by Cecil Castellucci. On the surface this book looks like a light teen romance with a comic-con as a setting…. but it’s more, much more. The family drama at the center of it is well done and not overly dramatic, or a downer to the rest of the book. Edan uses her cosplaying as her favorite comic book player as a crutch to deal with a disaster of a family situation, one that she doesn’t even share with her best friend. She has the ideal boyfriend, or so she thinks, to help her get through this.  What she finds is that superheroes are among us all, and speaking the truth about needing help is not a weakness. This book was better than I thought it would be going into it, and that’s saying a lot because I loved it just by the cover and the description… cause if you haven’t figured out by now->  me= HUGE nerd.

geeks guide to unrequited loveGeek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash This one wins my heart for its unrequited love story set amongst a Con I’ve gone to… but also because unlike a lot of YA romance, this one is told from the boy’s perspective. Graham and Roxy are best buds, have been for years. It takes their favorite comic book artist making an appearance at NYCC to make Graham realize that maybe he wants more than friendship with Roxy. So let the ComicCon shenanigans begin.  Added kudos for the cover image… I’m pretty sure I’ve sat on that bench outside Javits Center a few times. 


Speaking of “Cons”,  I’m at a trade show right now, surrounded by gamers. Not quite the cosplay and romance crowd of these books, but nerds nonetheless. Next week (or maybe earlier) will be a few posts about the games of 2018 and what you should be getting excited for… hint- PATHFINDER 2.0!