Spring? What’s that?

How did April slip past us so quickly?  I know, because it felt much more like February here in the Northeast US.  And now that we’ve hit May it feels like July with temps today hitting 90. I was never a big “spring” girl (things bloom and my head explodes), but not having any made me miss it a little.  Good thing I didn’t have much time to sit and notice the lack of sun.

Most of April was split between store events and mom taxi service.

We tasted chocolates & cheeses with foodie author Megan Geller at the General Sutter Inn.

We started a new D&D group (meeting 2 Thursdays a month to dungeon delve) with more than a dozen attendees at our first meeting. 

(which I failed to take a picture of, so have some D20 waffles instead)


We had our big library fundraiser lunch with Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout.


We wined and chatted with teachers and author Jared Reck.


But the highlight of the month, hands down, was International TableTop Day.  It was the busiest and most joyous the store has felt in a long time.  Those that came stayed and played games for hours. They brought friends and family. It game me an energy I had been lacking most of the rest of the month.


On the personal front, anytime I had the energy I worked on a book in progress. I’m now editing the first 4 chapters to send along to readers and critiquers.  I’m  super excited about this one.  Unlike book #1 that only a few people got to see and that I label as “utter crap writing full of my personal feels”, this one feels like a book book. One I will share.  And I’ve got my wheels working for what comes after it.  I’ve delved into world building and created a semi-fantasy setting for this one, and can picture other stories to be told in this same world.


Looking forward to sun and fun the next few months… from the comfort of my air conditioned tv room or basement writing lab.


Peace, love, books and games to you all.