MAY we have more?

Wait! What does that calendar say? But I just wrote about Space Bunnies a few hours ago… there’s no way it’s almost June.  I mean yeah, it does feel like we’re fast approaching the sun with these temps, but can’t we have a little more May??

Well, I intended at least 3 more blogs this month, and well, you see how that went. So let’s do a month wrap-up of all my shenanigans and game recommendations.

  1. Who’s that girl with the paint brush?? Um, hello, it’s me.  Me who had art teachers laugh in her face all through school.  My creative venture this month has been painting miniatures.  I’m learning from videos and one semi-instructional pamphlet we got in a free kit at the shop.  I’m still learning and have yet to master the art of the details (damn, those minis are MINI!).  But here are a few of my finished projects.

  2. Books- I’ve gone back to my very first “adult” genre- romance.  I think it’s on my mind more these days because I’m writing one.  I’ve got 4 chapters down (in 2nd draft) and am now working on a middle problem section… but alas have not made the time to really work on it this month.

  3. D&D.  Well, Delphi is on the shelf for now.  My Fey Warlock’s current campaign is done.  She’s a hero.. BUT we’ve got a new problem to solve when we venture back into that world. Now it’s on to Tal’Dorei (the world of Critical Role).  I’m donning purple horns to play a tiefling rogue… my first time playing either.  Aaron is DMing, and has promised lots of political intrigue (he’s re-watching West Wing for the 2nd time through)
  4. Games- I’ve played a few new to me ones this month. I’ve already written about Space Base, which is quickly moving up my list for 2018 fave games.  Todd taught me Element. I’m not an “abstract” or chess player at all, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it (and I actually won a round).  We also took MINES ALL MINES out for a spin. It’s been sitting on our shelf for a year or more. I liked it. It’s similar to Splendor with the collecting of jewels to buy cards, but the way you collect the jewels is a unique card mechanic. (everyone has the same cards in their hand and you choose which cards to place- each has jewel powers, but once another player has filled the blue spot, you can’t lay yours down there, BUT you can place it as an ally or enemy on another spot to get jewels). I’ll be taking that one out for some more spins, and it seems relatively easy to teach. I’ve also started playing some games solo, and am loving Sagrada all by my lonesome. It’s just such a beautiful game, and oh so challenging in solo-mode.
  5. Moving forward.  I’m now working 2 jobs, and interviewing for a 3rd, so my personal time will be limited, BUT I’m getting better at being productive during my downtime (see all of the above).  I have also joined a couple of groups that are super supportive and encouraging in weight loss… for me it’s not about fat, it’s about health and I’m not being psychotic about it. But I did lose 3lbs this month, and I’m feeling really good about how I’m not obsessing or self-hating through the process (unlike my previous times).


Happy May!