Inspiring June

I haven’t felt gamely or creative in the last few weeks. I blame it on allergies. Allergic to thinking maybe? Allergic to getting my duff off the couch when I’m not working? Allergic to hitting that brick wall of not being inspired?  Yep, that’s the allergy.

But I believe that brick wall has gotten a little thinner, maybe some crumbling on one corner of my mind.  I wrote 9 pages (I’m a hand writer, so that’s only a few hundred words probably) last night. It was a scene in a chapter that never existed prior to yesterday.  A missing chunk in the current book in progress. That dreaded empty third act now has something in it.

What broke the wall and served as inspiration is of no surprise to me… it was D&D.  I won’t go into details (#spoilers), but one of my groups had what they thought would be a playful interlude… of course it’s D&D and what we plan goes to shite when the DM shows up.  But then it hit me. THAT was what Act 3 was missing – a playful interlude and a reason for such an interlude.  There was one in Act 1 (more than that if you count the prologue), Act 2 begins with one, then ends with something tragic. I had no idea how to fill this gap that is Act 3 and bring about Act 4 for the finale… a playful interlude! In fact one very similar to what my D&D group had planned… only no sinister DM to be the foil to some good old-fashioned shenanigans.  That being said I now have a whole new thing to research and a new part of my world build (anyone out here know much about desert caravans?)


So the writing bug has bit again…which is right on track as this is the week last year book #1 began.  It grew out of manic time in my life and became an obsession of sorts.  Something inside me that needed to get out. Perhaps my greatest personal accomplishment to date. That book was done by August, at least a draft of it. And today I had thoughts of returning to it, reworking it completely to fit the world of book #2. (I smell series!)

There are some bittersweet thoughts in my head right now, as I’ll never live that summer over again. I’ll never have that intense passion and mania. That drive.  But to have that little spark re-ignited again yesterday was great. I’ll be keeping that writing notebook close at hand more these days. Let the random words and scenes pour forth as they want. And tell that brick wall to go mortar itself in front of someone else for a while.