neRD Trip #1

As a small biz owners we don’t take vacations, so when the kid is out of school we do some weekends away, one parent at a time (Someone has to stay home with the hounds and shop).   This weekend teen nerd and I did a 24 hour escape to suburban DC to be total nerds.

20180616_115909To file under “things I don’t miss”- DC  traffic.  We laugh when folks around here complain about the traffic. This was the first time the teen was in the front seat of the car and could witness it himself.  He fit right in with the semi-constant, “why are they stopping now, there’s nothing up ahead that means you have to stop” Welcome to adulthood in a metro area kiddo!

The reason for the trip was a special screening of Incredibles 2 with YouTubers The Super Carlin Brothers.  If you are into Disney, Pixar, and or Harry Potter then you should know who they are… if you don’t I’ll pause this while you click on the link above and fall down their rabbit hole of nerd theories and reviews.  Okay, now that you are back, hours later, you see why the Teen Need and I wanted to go meet these guys. Use and 275 other fans lined up outside the theatre (the event sold out in less than 24 hours when they announced it in March).

The movie itself was AWESOME. I liked it better than the first one. It was worth the wait. SO GOOD!  No #spoilers. But the highlights were, of course, Edna, Mrs. I getting much-needed kick-ass screen time, and for me when the credits were rolling the 4-year-old behind me asking her mother. “What about (spoiler)? He didn’t do it, I hope he got out of jail.”  Good kid, worried about innocents locked up for crimes they didn’t commit!



After the movie we had an hour to kill before the next line for the photo-op and autograph session.  We, being folks living away from what some consider civilization, made a bee line to Cold Stone Creamery for dinner. Don’t judge! It was dairy and grains!


Then line #2 of the day.  Teen got a chance to talk to the Brothers for a few seconds. They loved his nerdy shirt.  Then photos. Then mom jumped in (and they liked my nerdy shirt too… true nerds “get it”).


It was a long day, lines, and heat. But worth it.  AND bonus was getting to spend time with BFF and honorary aunt to the teen.

So Nerd Road Trip (or “neRD Trip”) number 1 done. Next up is mom and teen go to space… Our annual Star Trek/Sci-Fi Con!