Cheffing at Home

Yes, I’m back again. This summer has been a doozy.  Let me just recap it by saying cherish your family even if they annoy the crap out of you and while online friends can be “real” not all are as special to you as they come across, those that are physically in your life mean more than you know.

Back to the post at hand- COOKING

We are ankle deep into kid’s sophomore year and his super busy fall of school play and marching band. After already spending a month living on packaged, cafeteria, and fast food I didn’t want to go into this busy season without trying to plan some healthy meals… but I’m so tired of our regular few dishes we rotate… and I’m lazy.  So I decided to try a meal kit.  I read reviews, I looked at the sites and couldn’t’ decide. No ONE company seemed perfect.  So I’m trying a 4 week experiment with the top 4 contenders.

home chef

You are now entering the Week 1 Review- HOME CHEF

Home Chef was top or near the top of every review I read. And I can see why.  The items are well packaged and labeled. Each 2 servings are a in a sealed handled bag, with all the ingredients labeled. The meat and veggies  were fresh and kept cool with reusable/recyclable cold packs.


The recipe cards are easy to read with pictures. Of the two recipes I tried, both had roasted veg with a protein and a sauce. The instructions took you through chronologically and not by item.  They estimated 35-45 minutes for each recipe, and It was closer to 30.  Both meals were filling, and tasty.  We’re not very daring in our flavors, so having a lot of choices to pick from for the week was great.  (HomeChef gave us 16 choices, others coming later to review much less).  HomeChef also let us set up a “profile” with foods we like and don’t like and our choices came (mostly) from our preferences .


The downside- too much.  We are a family of three. In order to get enough protein (a chicken breast) for each of us I had to order 4 meals.  The veggies in 1 bag for 2 was double what we needed for the 3 of us, so now I have tons of leftover zucchini, carrots, asparagus and no time to cook them with other meals.  This was my one concern going in- too much or not enough. I erred on the too much side for my first order. If we go back to Home Chef I’ll probably order meals for 2 and just have extra chicken, pork, beef in the freezer at home to add that third serving.

Over all I give Home Chef a 4.6 out of 5.  The food was good, recipe easy to understand, not a lot of steps. Website fairly easy to navigate and simple to pause a week or two.  The deduction of points is for the portion sizing and how it doesn’t fit OUR family (it very well could work for a majority out there).  The cost for 4 servings of 2 meals was about $75.  Most other sites give you a signing deal, HC did not.


Next week- Sun Basket