Plated and Served

Our final entry in the battle of the bellies… specifically the bellies of my busy family of three.  This week we took Plated out of the oven and in frying pan.

Plated is one of the older bigger meal kit companies, starting soon after the granddaddy, Blue Apron. And while I had an overall good experience and loved the food, they can learn a few things from the youngsters in the market.

First, ordering was simple. It arrived right on time. No complaints there. The food was DELISH (as you can see from my licked clean plate picture), and a fully rounded meal with protein, veg, and a wee bit of carbs.  They also allow you to select THREE servings, which is ideal for us. So it gets 5/5 there.

Where it fell a little flat was packaging and freshness.  We got our meals on Saturday, and cooked one last night (Thursday) and all of the grape tomatoes were gooey and squishy.  Most of the herbs in both meals were a little wilted.  The recipes were easy to follow (and I did leave out the ingredients we don’t like- beets and artichokes).  But the packaging gave me some confusion when prepping the first meal.  Most of the items for a recipe are in a sealed and labeled bag, except the fresh herbs, toppings, some veg, and greens are not… and are not labeled to match which meal they go with.  (note the first picture above was everything NOT in a labeled by meal bag) So on my first night I almost added the wrong herbs to my sauce… thankfully the nose knew when I opened the sage and parsley and quickly realized it was not the tarragon and parsley I was to use.  I suggest going through recipes and the extras and labeling them yourself before storing in the fridge.

Over all, the experience was good… and the food was great. Got thumbs up from the husband both nights.  Although there would not have been enough potatoes for three of us in last night’s meal (TG kid wasn’t home) Because of the confusing packaging, the unfreshness after 4 days, and the fact it is more expensive than comparable boxes, I give it a 3.5/5.  We’re getting our second box next week from Plated, as I’m giving each company a second go to impress me.

Happy cooking and eating!